Core Values

In October of 2020, Pastor Rod shared with the church family what he considered to be our core values as a church. These core values make up the DNA of our church and should be the DNA of every New Testament church.

Biblical  Authority

We believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. We communicate God's Word with integrity, passion, and purpose desiring to help all people know Christ and for believers to mature in Him. 

Key Point: We are to live in submission to God's Word.

Transformational Worship

We believe we are created to worship God. Worship is a lifestyle that acknowledges who God is and what He has done. Worship is central to our walk with Christ and our times of worship.

Key Point: We become more like Jesus as we glorify God through worship.



We believe taking the next steps in our relationship with Christ is best done with others. We grow steadily and mature deeper as we continuously pursue and follow Christ together in relationships that promote unity within the church as we love and care for each other.

Key Point: We are to grow spiritually through intentional relationships.



We believe it is a privilege and the responsibility of every believer to share the gospel of Jesus. We each have God-given talents and gifts, as well as unique opportunities to share Christ locally, nationally, and globally. We are to live on mission for God's glory.

Key Point: We are to join Jesus in His mission by sharing the gospel.


Most of a Christian's life is not lived on a church campus. So when it comes to our church family, we want our members to commit to three points of contact with their family of faith.


For 2000 years the church has gathered for worship. Gathering for worship is the defining characteristic of the church of Jesus Christ.  We want you here weekly with us and if sickness or travel pulls you away, you can always worship with us online.


We want you to connect with others in a small group. These groups are available for any person in every life stage. If you don't get connected to a small group, you will never truly experience the "real relationship" God has for you.


As a member of our church family, we want you to worship, connect with others in a small group, and serve in at least one capacity. So find a ministry, we'll help you find one, and enjoy the blessings of serving others in Jesus name.