Sunday Morning Groups

Sunday morning Small Groups meet at 9:00am in classrooms on our church campus. These Groups are committed to Bible study, community, and a mission focus or projects once a quarter. If you want to join one of these groups contact Pastor Robert or the church office.

small groups

Small Groups meet at various times such as Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, or other weeknights. If you are interested in joining one of these groups, we can help you! Many of these groups will utilize short-term Bible studies that deal with subjects like apologetics, witnessing, and parenting.


These are gender specific groups that meet weekly for a season of biblical accountability, reading God's Word, and praying for each other.  Every disciple is meant to make other disciples, so every D-Group is intended to multiply after meeting for 12 months. 

small group questions

HOW IS CHILDCARE TAKEN CARE OF? Childcare for Small Groups is taken care of at the church if you meet on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights. We encourage our Groups to meet at one of these times to ensure that you are not outside of the home.

WHAT CURRICULUM DO SMALL GROUPS USE? Small Groups work with the church to find a curriculum that will work well for that particular group. Small Groups may be asked to utilize the curriculum provided by the church, such as material from Lifeway or Group. We also highly recommend the Bible studies from RightNowMedia.

WHEN CAN I JOIN A SMALL GROUP? Twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, we host Group Link, an event where we showcase our Groups and give you an opportunity to meet our group leaders. You then can choose a group that best meets your schedule. 

HOW CAN I LEAD A GROUP? Because of how Small Group leaders are for the vitality of our church, we set the expectations high. A Small Group leader must be saved, baptized, and a committed Member of our church, agree with the major doctrines of our church (in the Baptist Faith & Message), choose unity about minor or secondary issues, and attend leadership meetings and trainings.